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The Rebound Guy

So here’s the deal.. a friend of mine is dating someone at the moment and she has actually been dating him for six months now.  The thing is, she started dating him just weeks after she broke-up with “the love of her life.”

So yeah, you can say this new guy is a rebound guy.  Anyhow, things were going smoothly for awhile; well actually, they still are going pretty smoothly except not on her end.

Lately, she’s been missing the ex.  She misses how sweet he was with her, how caring and how he always knew the right things to say at the right moment.  I guess compared to the new guy, the ex was pretty sweet.   This new guy however, is always around whereas the ex was always “not around.”  He visits her straight from work, spends most days with her and he does get along well with her family.

The dilemma she now faces is whether or not she should stay with the new guy or leave.  She’s torn because the new guy was just caught in the middle of her drama and she couldn’t bear to hurt him this way.   On the other hand, she may eventually end up hurting him anyway because she’s not “all in” in the relationship.

Tsk, tsk.  Methinks she should still break-up with the new guy if only to figure out what she really wants and also to give herself time to mourn over her break-up with the ex.  She didn’t give herself time to recover from the break-up in the first place.

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