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And You Call Those Idiots Police? [My Two Cents’ Worth on the PI Hostage Situation that Rocked the World]

Shame, shame, shame!!!!!

The bloodbath that occurred Monday evening during the hostage situation near the Quirino Grandstand COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!  The whole nation is one in saying so… Hong Kong is one in saying so… the whole world is one in saying so!  What the *EFF* were you thinking?  You idiots who call yourselves policemen.. SWAT.. PNP.. whatever you call yourselves, you’re still idiots!

You didn’t only manage to KILL 9 people, 8 of whom are innocent tourists; you single-handedly put the Philippines on the top list of the most shameful country in the world.. seemingly “protected” by a police force that can’t even RATIONALLY solve an otherwise simple hostage drama.  Sure, there’s nothing simple about hostage situations but we’re talking about a disgruntled, disillusioned former man-in-uniform.. one of your own!

I am no expert in hostage situations, heck; I’m not even knowledgeable enough to know the inner workings of the police force.. but it doesn’t take a genius to know that in ANY hostage situation, your first priority is to secure the safety of the hostages!  Idiots!

What were you thinking hammering down the windows of the bus and throwing tear gas into the bus when innocent people were inside?!  And you had the audacity to jail the hostage-taker’s brother because he aggravated the situation?!  Dumb-arses!  You aggravated the situation!

Where was P-Noy in all this?  Monitoring?  From where?  From the safety of his nest?  [Aside:  P-Noy, each day that you have been in position, you only make it clearer to me why I didn’t pick you in the first place.]

Was the hostage-taker a terrorist?  Did he demand for a billion bucks in unmarked money, or a plane to fly him off to his hideaway?  He just wanted his job back for crying out loud!  In the first place, the hostage drama shouldn’t even have lasted for 11 hours!  It could have been easily resolved with something as simple as giving him his job back.

These tourists are guests in our homeland and that is how you treat your guests?  And then everyone in government has the gall to say that this is a contained and isolated situation and that it will not have serious effects on the economy, tourism of the country, on our PRIDE as a people?  Aren’t you just getting dumber by the minute?

Gamers who spend hours playing War Craft or all those other war games have better tactical maneuvers than those idiots who call themselves policemen.

What does P-Noy have to say in all these?  He declares a national day of mourning and says that there should be more training for the police force.  DUH?  That’s it?  Investigate on what really happened and then what?  You can no longer erase the stigma that this stupidity has brought on to the country.

Shame, shame, shame!!!!!

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