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Another Trip to the Hospital

Another Friday, another day spent at the hospital.  Went in at 8:30 in the morning for my scheduled ultrasound, this time for the whole abdomen.  The doctor was kind enough to indulge me with all my questions as he was running the scanner over each part of my abdominal area.

He found two gallstones, a uterine fibroid [myoma] on my uterus and some form of growth [a node I think] on my endocervical canal [canal of the cervix].  Doctors’ bedside manners enable them to calmly talk to the patient so unnecessary worry will be eliminated.  He did talk to me in a very cool manner and as what doctors always say, further tests are needed first before they can come-up with something conclusive.

My internist told me the same thing.  There is nothing to worry about at this point.  We will have to do more tests first before we can start worrying. 😦  So I’m due for another round of ultrasound [trans-vaginal] and hopefully, the final test which is colonoscopy.

You know what really sucks in all these?  I’m always alone when I go for my tests and my check-ups.  Parents are in the US, siblings are too busy with their lives, and friends.. well, I don’t want to bother them with this. 😦  But this morning, as my doctors were talking to me, I wanted so much to have someone with me.  I was close to tears already and I wanted to have someone hold my hand. 😦 😦

I was supposed to go straight to my OB-GYNE after my check-up with my internist but I opted to go home instead.  I couldn’t bear to hear more news about my health today.

One positive thing my internist was glad about was that she said we were at least finally seeing some light as to the cause of my health problems.  More tests she said, and we can finally zero-in on what we need to work on…

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