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That’s Telling Him! [I Think…]

Finally got the chance to put the Kissing Bandit in his place… or so I think. 😦  He came over to my table at Mickey-D’s this morning and attempted to kiss me again.  I backed away and I muttered some excuse just so he won’t kiss me.  Uhh… the first thing that came to mind was .. uhh.. my dermatologist has forbidden cheek-to-cheek or lip-to-cheek kisses because my skin gets irritated.  O_o

Sigh… I know, I know… flimsy excuse, right?  But hey, it worked!  At least for the time being.  This will buy me enough time to really muster enough courage to talk to the guy and tell him his kisses are making me uncomfortable. 😦

I’m just glad that got rid of him for now..

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