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Has He Turned Stalker?!

So it seems that the Kissing Bandit [see The Kissing Bandit Strikes Again for more on this guy] is everywhere – well, at least in places where I am, too.  Case in point, he was in church the same time that I was..twice in a row!  But I managed to escape him, thank God!

And he was again at the mall the same time that I was… several times in a row!  Again, I managed to escape him, thanks to my friend who was all protective because he knows about this guy already.  For the last several mornings, he was also at Mickey-D’s.

I’ve tried to shift times when going to Mickey-D’s just so I won’t run into him; but alas, my efforts were futile.  He was there every single effing time; never mind if I come in really late or really early; he’s just always there!

He’s changed his behavior, too.  He now no longer turns my head when he’s trying to plant one of his icky kisses on my cheeks.  He simply puts his face right in front of mine – so close, mind you; that on several occasions he almost kissed me on the lips.  Thank God for my reflexes!

But there was one incident that really got on my nerves.  While he was ordering at the counter, I slipped away to go to the bathroom, thinking to myself that I would stay there long enough, just until I feel certain he’s left already.

Well, whaddya know; he was waiting outside the door!  He’s starting to give me the creeps.  He was trying to kiss me again and I was literally moving away from him but he leaned over to reach my ear!  He planted a wet, yucky kiss on my ear!!!!!!!  I’d like to die now, please.

My mom and my friends are starting to get scared for me.  One friend said that what she’s afraid of is that this guy might chance upon me while I’m home alone and do something horrible.  If I report him to the police, he can just say that I’m his girlfriend and in fact, witnesses can attest to the fact that he kisses me as a form of greeting every time he sees me.  I never thought of it that way.

I am starting to get scared too; but I have decided to confront him if he tries to pull his kissing stunt again.  Been locked inside the house though for a few days now.  My mom forbids me to go out alone.

I’m praying that this will all end soon.  Sigh… I can only hope and pray…

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