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An Otherwise Ordinary Saturday

I think I started the day right:  breakfast, morning talks and then work, work, work until topics that need to be written about were coming out of my ears.  So yeah, it was my usual boring day, never mind if it was the weekend.  My schedule pretty much runs like clockwork seven days a week.

I did go out for dinner.  Had pizza and then strolled a little in the mall.  When I got home, I refused to open my laptop – didn’t want to be reminded of work again and meeting deadlines.

I planned on catching-up with my reading until I fall asleep.  But alas, the night had other things in mind.  Around 10 pm, I heard a loud crash downstairs.  I was trying to listen if there were more sounds that were going to follow.  Unfortunately, I was right.  There was a ruckus downstairs.

I opened my door just at the instance that my mom opened hers and we both went down together.  What we saw were two people, obviously in a fighting stance, ready to battle it out with all their might.  It was my sister and her boyfriend.

They were having a PHYSICAL fight!  I calmly told both of them to stop what they were doing and talk about things like civil people do.  My mom on the other hand was asking my sister what transpired before the fight started.

When things have calmed down a bit, I went back to my room to allow my mom to talk to the couple.  Just within seconds, I hear someone calling me.  It was our tenant and they had a leak problem.

So I went over to check where the leak was and discussed about repairs – at 11 in the evening!  While I was at the apartment, I heard a loud wail.  I ran back into the house and saw my sister crying, wailing – they had another physical fight.

My mom at this time was also already back in her room, thinking that she had appeased both parties and that they can now be left alone.  I once again calmly talked to the couple, telling them not to be physical and telling the boyfriend that no matter what my sister has done, hitting her is out of the question.

So there, another relationship down the drain.  But in this case, I vote for the separation because this has been going on for many months already and they clearly cannot handle being together anymore.

They were together since their college days, about 9 or 10 years; and everything just slowly fell apart for them the moment they started living together.  Proximity does breed contempt sometimes.

I will not pretend to understand what they went through since I am not married and neither am I living with someone.  But this much I can say, if a relationship has broken down bit by bit; clearly, there are issues that need to be dealt with individually.

Fixing one’s self first before getting into something as serious as living together is essential to the success of the relationship.  Otherwise, the cracks will become bigger until they burst open and hate and anger dominate the relationship.  Ahhh.. life and love.

It’s 30 minutes to midnight.  I’m hoping that the night will finally give me rest – peaceful, silent, blissful rest.

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