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While having breakfast at Mickey-D’s, I overheard a conversation between a man who looked to be in his late 50’s and a woman who seem to be in her 30’s.  First of all, it wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop. 😀  They were sitting right behind me, with the guy’s back sometimes touching my back [that’s how close they were seated to me]. :mrgreen:

The girl was actually alone in the beginning and then guy comes in, sees her and then asks if he could join her.  This is how their conversation went [from what I remember]:

Guy:  You have sparkle in your eyes.

Girl, softly laughing says:  Do I?

Guy:  Yeah, you’re dating someone ‘no?

Girl:  How can you tell?!

Guy:  There’s a change in you… something… it’s radiating.  You’re bubbly.. you seem happier.

At this point, I myself am wondering how one can tell someone is happily in a relationship just by looking at the other person. 0_o  I got lost in my thoughts for a moment there…

When I got out of my reverie, they were still talking about the “relationship” the girl seems to be in.  The guy was actually quite happy for the girl.  I presume she hasn’t been in the dating scene for awhile.

The thread of their next conversation surprised me a bit.  The guy seems to be too forward, inquiring about delicate matters in the relationship.

Guy:  I am in a new relationship, too; we just started dating just about four months ago.  I tell you, she’s one little tiger!  Hahaha!!!

Guy teases girl:  Bet you’re a tiger, too.  You Catholic-schooled girls are tigers…

My mind was doing double takes at this point, warning bells sounding off… silently urging the girl to not answer the question.

Girl:  I wouldn’t really know.

Guy:  What do you mean you don’t know?  Don’t tell me you haven’t done the deed with this guy?!

Uh-oh, guy is treading on personal waters; getting too close for comfort.

Girl changes the subject and guy notices.  He eggs her on…

Guy:  He’s not… uhhh, well… he doesn’t have gender issues, does he?

Girl defensively says:  Of course not!

Guy seems to be on a war path:  How do you know if you’ve never tried to find out?  If I were him, I couldn’t wait a month to not… be with you..

Girl keeps her composure [good for her].  She refuses to give him any answer.

Guy:  But when you’re together, has he tried to.. uhhh…

Girl:  That’s private…

This thread went on and on and on.. Finally, they talk about something else.. about work, I think.  After this looonnngggg repartee, guy asks girl out! O_o

Guy:  Have you tried this new restaurant so and so?

Girl:  Yeah, but I didn’t like it.

Guy:  Perhaps you ordered the wrong dishes.  Let’s eat there some time.  Would love to hear more about this new guy.

After awhile, guy says goodbye and promises to see her one of these days.

Where do I start?  This conversation went wrong on sooo many levels!  You be the judge..

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