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Would a Straight Guy Do This?

Was talking to my friend today and she told me of another incident regarding guy with questionable gender preference.  They were at this party and everyone was getting drunk, including Closet Queen and his object of affection.  They were boisterous, laughing at their own silly jokes and just having a good time; when CQ suddenly reached over to his object of affection and “jokingly” inserted his hand inside this guy’s pant leg!!!!  [Object of affection was wearing shorts at the time].

It lingered there for a few seconds and then he started cracking jokes as if he just didn’t do something totally disgusting!  Everyone of course saw what he did except for Object of Affection because he was too drunk by this time and he was just slouching on the chair oblivious to the world.

Thing is, CQ is married and has two children and he’s all machismo and stuff when he’s not drunk.

Hmmm… would a straight guy do what he just did?!

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