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Decoding a Conversation 2

Guy asks girl:  “Who’s the guy who dropped the kissing bomb to his girl-friend?”

Girl answers: “Uhhhmmm.. not important.  He’s no one.”

Guy insists on getting a straight answer and keeps throwing the same question over and over again.

Guy:  “Is he the friend who has been asking you out for so long?  Are you the girl?”

Girl remains elusive.  Guy repeats the question.  Girl finally admits that yes, he’s the one who has been asking her out.

Guy then asks:  “So you’re thinking about kissing him?”

Girl says:  “No!”

Guy teases girl, “But you said the girl was thinking about the kiss!”

Girl says:  “I just said that so I can give good advice to those who may find themselves in a similar situation.”

Guy seems appeased:  “Ahhh… okay.”

If I were listening in on this conversation, I would say that guy was feeling just a little bit green with jealousy.  He probably can’t stand the thought of girl kissing another guy or girl being with another guy, he just won’t admit it.  Tsk.  Tsk.  :mrgreen:

Isn’t decoding conversations so much fun? 😀

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