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The Kissing Bandit Strikes Again

Had breakfast at Mickey-D’s with a friend this morning and the Kissing Bandit came again!  Since I was facing the door, I saw him immediately and I whispered to my friend that the annoying guy just came in through the door.

She knows this guy just through my stories and although she already had a good background of what this guy does every time he sees me, she was shocked at the guy’s behavior towards me.

Naturally, since I had company, I thought that the guy wouldn’t do his usual kissing habit but alas, I was once again utterly mistaken!  He just came over and without so much as a salutation, he casually planted his full, wet lips on my cheek to give me a kiss!

My friend was dismayed, shocked and… hysterical at the same time!!!  She was laughing at my obvious unease!  She was surprised at the guy’s casual approach and kiss, as if, in her own words:  “It’s like he’s saying, ‘Good morning, honey!’  as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to do.”

She was also surprised at how the guy turned my head to kiss me.  She then of course proceeded to tease me that it’s not true I don’t have a love life — he’s right there, obviously smitten. 😦

She was laughing her arse off all the way home. 😥


On a serious note, she said I shouldn’t allow the guy to do that to me and I agree with her completely.  But like I said in my previous post The Kissing Bandit, my hands are tied. 😦

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