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Didn’t get any sleep at all last night.  I was up until about quarter past 5 this morning [won’t say what/who kept me awake though, hehehe] and I didn’t go to sleep anymore since I had to prepare my daughter for school.  Finally got some shut-eye about half past six and just when I was about to fall deep in slumber, my neighbors’ yapping woke me up. 😦

At first I couldn’t figure out if it was already nighttime or at least mid-afternoon because I couldn’t believe it’s only been a couple of minutes since I closed my eyes; and I was trying to figure out why I’m in my old bedroom.  Of course when I finally came to, I remembered I transferred back to my old room a couple of months ago! :mrgreen:

I am bone-tired but I just can’t seem to sleep now.. my brain’s on hyper-drive mode for some reason.  Anyway, I was working on my projects this morning when my client’s server went kaput!  Sigh.. the downside of working from home.  You become unproductive when server issues arise. 😦

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