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It was dark, it was rainy; in fact, there was a raging thunderstorm but I had to go out… it was already scheduled.  So there I was, all dressed-up for a stormy night out; walked out the door, stepped over a few puddles and as I opened the gate, there it was – a huge FROG!  A friggin’ frog!

I slammed the gate, rushed back inside and breathed a sigh of relief for barely missing the frog!!!!  Sure, roaches scare me, spiders, too; mice just irritate me but frogs – frogs, well they bring scare to a whole new level.  They’re wet and slimy.. they have bumps on their skin [shivers].. bulging eyes that just STARE… brrrrr… I get chills just writing it down.

So… I didn’t go out.  Frog has me under house arrest.  Last I checked, it was still there.. blocking my gate. 😦  And no, I’m not gonna kiss that frog!  Ugh!

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