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God’s Sense of Humor

So I’ve been asking God to please send me that special someone already.  Day and night I ask Him about it; nagging, persistent and pretty much just hounding Him. 😀

Perhaps, He felt that I was being too much of a pest already, hehehe :mrgreen: that He didn’t only send me one, He sent me three!  All came just days apart from the previous one. 😉

But, here’s the snag: Boy No.1 came through a text message, asking if we can be “text-mates,” Boy No.2 came through my YM account, saying that he’s very much interested in getting to know me more, and would I please give him a buzz when I’m online?  Boy No.3 also came via the internet; this time, he sent me a private message also saying that he wants to get to know me more and “race, color, ethnical background are not important when it comes to L-O-V-E.”

I completely ignored Boy No.1; I blocked Boy No.2 from my YM account and well, as for Boy No.3 and his L-O-V-E proposal, I ignored that, too. rolleyes.gif rolling eyes image by scionicscream

Perhaps God is telling me to just wait and be patient otherwise He’s gonna keep on sending kooks until I shut up!  Hahaha!!!rofl.gif rofl image by rameau_

Oh, and did I mention that I don’t know these guys?  They’re total strangers to me, go figure.rolleyes.gif rolling eyes image by scionicscream

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