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Have You Ever Kissed a Guy Who’s Not Your Boyfriend?

This question was thrown at me this morning by this guy who keeps hounding me.  [Check out Cornered! and WTF?  Not Today!!! for more info on this dude].

So anyway, this guy cornered me again at my usual morning hang-out, Mickey-D’s, and he started talking to me about how much weight I have lost; how I coped with chicken pox and all that.  I just kept nodding, smiling politely and giving him one-word answers.

After some time, he said there’s something he wants to ask me and hopes I won’t take it the wrong way.  He then went on to ask, “Have you ever kissed a guy who’s not your boyfriend?”  My mind went on major pissed overdrive and I vehemently said, “No!”  He then asked if I have a boyfriend [I don’t] and I said yes.  What was I supposed to say?  I didn’t want to leave that tiny window open for him to keep hounding me.  I also said he’s a pretty jealous guy.

Finally, he got the message! [I hope.]  He wanted to sit at my table [again!] but I told him I was waiting for someone.  Anyway, he took that as a cue and left but not without his usual kisses on my cheeks first! sick0022.gif sick image by fino4beat

And by the way, how was I effing supposed to take that question?  Of course I am going to take it the wrong way!  What other way is there, schmuck?! Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!  Boyfriend, please show up already so I can introduce you to my No. 1 fan and maybe then he’d leave me alone!!!!!

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