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I Did It!!!!!

I know that I have been ranting endlessly since this morning.. :mrgreen:  But two things happened just after lunch [which I haven’t taken] that made things just a little bit brighter. 😀

First, my dad called from the States telling me about this non-acidic Vitamin C that I should check-out.  Apparently, it has proven to be highly beneficial for people who have been suffering from a number of maladies.  For those who know me and those who have been regularly reading this blog [thank you], you would know that I have been suffering from ill-health over the past 6 months or so.

While I have been very adamant about going for my check-ups, I am still concerned about my health.  As you know, a lot of people have been noticing my weight loss which has given them reason to be concerned.  Anyway, my dad said I should try this non-acidic Vitamin C which has been known to help people in certain areas.

I said I will research about it and if all seem good, I will definitely try it.  It’s better than having to undergo numerous check-ups and tests again. 🙂

Secondly, and this is the best part actually, I finally fixed my internet connection for my laptop!  Yay, me!  I checked everything that I could think of:  from the ethernet to the TCP/IP options to firewall settings, etc., etc.  My last resort was to check the NetBios setting for my internet protocol…and what do you know?  It finally worked!  Yay, me! [again, hehehe]

While my wireless LAN [which I only get to use at Mickey-D’s] and my USB broadband [plug-in SmartBro] were working perfectly fine, my PLDT DSL was not!  But today, I am as of this writing, connected to my DSL, hehehe. 😀

Methinks, I have a future as a computer technician if my other job suddenly doesn’t work out for me anymore. 😀  I have been troubleshooting my desktop ever since I got it some four years ago… have figured out how to work the NetBios stuff and the system set-up by trial and error… until finally, I’ve worked out everything. 😀

Can you tell I’m so proud of me? :mrgreen:

Anyway, will be researching on the Vitamin C thingy already and I’ll post whatever it is I find out for the benefit of those who want to try other alternative medicines. 😉

Later, skater!


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