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So long, peeps!

Hi-ya dear readers! 🙂

I will be closing down this blog indefinitely.  I have become a blogging *whore* and it has proven to be detrimental to my health. crazy.gif crazy image by delboard

This free-flowing blog has become my outlet, which has given a number of people who know me access to my personal stuff — something that’s starting to annoy me.  I know, I know..why blog if you don’t want to be read, right?  But I’m getting more than I bargained for, much to my chagrin.   🙄

So I will be turning my attention to my other blog — one that does not talk about me for a change, hehehe. :mrgreen:

So, read all you want in the meantime.  Will be keeping this blog private starting tomorrow. 😀

See you all again soon! 😉

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