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Top 5 Pet Peeves

1. People who use high-falutin’ words and colloquialisms when they write when in fact they may not even know the correct pronunciation of the words much less use them in everyday talk.  Reeks of pretension all around.

*This may sound harsh but when we write, it’s our thoughts on paper, right?  How can these be our thoughts if we don’t use the words we normally use when we talk to people?

2. Photoshop-ed pics — Sure, we tweak pictures to improve their quality but if the face no longer closely resembles yours, what gives?  Particularly annoying are those grad pics that people post in social networking sites, blogs, etc. that are a hundred times better-looking than the actual photographed face.   Show your true faces people!

3. Angsty/Acerbic People — These people have huge chips on their shoulder.  Wonder what’s underneath all that hard cover?

4. Revealing clothes — I don’t get some women who wear barely-there clothing leaving nothing to the imagination.  Showing too much skin reeks of something if you want to get attention that way! — an underlying insecurity perhaps?

5. Copycats — Create your own identity and be proud of it!  Nothing beats originality, no matter how eccentric or out-of-this-world you may be. 😉

*These are my top annoyances, will add more if I think of any, hehehe. 😀

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