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Movie Night Out

Went to see a movie last night with my friend.  It has been a long-standing movie date that finally pushed through. 🙂

Clash of the Titans was good and entertaining — thanks mostly to Sam Worthington who was drool-worthy as Perseus. :mrgreen:  Let me see, strong arms: check; strong thighs: check; piercing eyes: double check; captivating mouth: triple check! Hahaha!!!!

Liam Neeson however looked gay in his silver get-up as Zeus, hehehe.  I know, him being the god of thunder and all he should look as if he was ready to strike any minute but he looked more like ready to break into a fox trot with his shining silver get-up. 😀

Ralph Fiennes as Hades was scary enough although images of Voldemort kept popping in my head whenever he spoke or made an appearance.  On the one hand, when he did suddenly appear in the movie from out of nowhere, black smoke billowing around him; it was enough to scare the Hades out of me, hehehe.

Io, played by Gemma Arterton had angles where she was a dead-ringer for Liv Tyler. 

It wasn’t action-packed in the sense that you would see gore and blood all over during the fight scenes but there were moments when I almost jumped out of my seat in surprise and crushed the hand of my friend thanks mostly to the humongous scorpions trying to crush Perseus and companions alive.

For those who love Greek mythology, you may find the movie lacking [I did] but Sam Worthington made up for any lack of it, hehehe.

We also saw previews of upcoming movies and these may be worth watching out for as well:  The A-Team, Inception, Predator and Knight and Day.  More movie nights out for moi. 😉

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