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Would a Straight Guy Do These?

So a friend of mine told me about this officemate of hers who has been displaying some rather unusual behavior.  While we both are not authorities on how the male mind works, what thoughts lurk between the crevices of their gray matter; we have deduced based on our “inexperience” that her officemate does show a few peculiarities. :mrgreen:

This is a thirty-something guy who seems to be “smitten” with another guy; someone they also work with.  First, let’s get a few basics down about this guy with the questionable gender preference.  He is a married guy, two kids and an okay wife, I guess. 😀  He is all machismo when it comes to talking about sex — in fact, he is so open about it that he brags about his “sex-capades.”  He openly talks about…errmmm…what positions are best and all that stuff.  😳

Maybe this is normal talk between male buddies as they brag about their conquests…I wouldn’t really know.  But this guy openly talks about his “adventures” in bed with everyone within earshot!  As if that isn’t enough, he sort of does the same kind of talk with his wife as the subject! 😡

Short of saying he wants to prove his “maleness.”  Grrr… The wife just shuts up when he does this..doesn’t defend herself, doesn’t shush her husband up or anything. 😥

Now that we have that down, let’s put into the picture his other “object of affection.”  The guy is apparently good-looking, good-humored and your all-around buddy kind of guy.  This guy also happens to be happily married to a beautiful woman.  Closet Queen goes all gooey-eyed whenever this guy is around.  He suddenly becomes this boisterous life of the party as if calling attention to himself — something that girls would sometimes do to catch the attention of someone they like. 😀

One time, while they were having lunch [everyone in the department included] guy takes a banana and “eats” it in a way that…errmmm… you either see in porn movies or in the bedroom.. 😳

There was another time when good-looking guy wanted to put a fake tattoo on his upper arm [he got it from a candy from one of the girls in the office] and show it to his wife as a joke.  Closet Queen volunteered to put the tattoo for the guy.  As we all know, putting on fake tattoos require that the stick-on would be doused in water so the design will stick on the skin.

Closet Queen “surveys” the arm of good-looking guy, lets his hand linger just a bit longer than usual and continues his “survey” of the arm.  When it was time to get the skin and the tattoo wet; he JOKINGLY stuck out his tongue as if to lick it!!!!!!!!  Gawwwwddd!!!!!

Now, I may not know much about the male machismo and ego; but this definitely does not belong in that category!

What gives???

Oh and by the way, when good-looking guy is around, he becomes all prim and proper.  No profanities [even if they have always been part of his everyday language], laughs just a little bit softer than usual and I think he likes whispering stuff to good-looking guy as well — anything just to get close to him.

*Male inputs here will be appreciated.  I wouldn’t mind being put in my place if my deduction of the whole situation is wrong. 😉

  1. April 10, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    hahaha!!! definitely freaky! 😀

    hmmm… get on his good side without looking suspicious so he openly talks about just how much of a “man” he is…

    things that make you go… hmmm???

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