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A Vote is Just a Vote?

Is it?  Some people do not realize the enormity of casting a vote; to them, it’s just one more thing they have to do.  You often hear people talk after they have visited the polling sites, asking who voted for whom and such.

Others would say that they didn’t know much about the candidates — particularly the senate line-up, councilors and congress[wo]men.  And then you would hear them say that they just ticked-off whomever they fancied for the heck of it.  Some based it on whose names sounded more familiar than others; while others ‘copied’ from friends — those they discussed while waiting in line for their turn to vote.

As if this isn’t enough, there’s even the bigger irresponsibility of choosing a candidate based on popularity ratings rather than on their own personal choice and intelligent discrimination.

What is the common misconception [for lack of a stronger term] on candidates running for higher office — particularly the two most-coveted seats in government?  Voters would choose a candidate based on popular consensus even if they do not strongly believe in them.  Why?  Because they would repeat their asinine mantra that ‘Sayang ang boto kung ilalagay mo lang dun sa siguradong talo.’ [The vote will be wasted on a losing candidate.] Best to give it to someone who has better chances of winning.

First of all, no vote will be wasted if you give it to the rightful candidate — someone you strongly believe in; someone who’s ideals you uphold.  Whether the candidate wins or loses, is not as important as casting your vote for someone based on the choice of your conscience, morals and principles.

You would sleep better at night knowing that you followed the dictates of your morals, beliefs, your heart; no matter the outcome.  Isn’t that the way with life, too?  Or have morality and heart gone down the drain as well?

If we apply the same principles in life the way we choose a candidate, don’t start complaining that life ain’t treating us right — that life is unfair and all that BS.  Life is giving us the option to make all the choices that we believe will best serve us.  If we do not strongly believe in anything and do something about it, let’s just shut up and stop whining about our pathetic, miserable lives.

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