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Missing My Mickey-D’s

Since I’ve had chicken pox and up until now, I haven’t yet visited my favorite neighborhood hang-out, McDonald’s.  Mickey-D’s has been part of my lifestyle for many, many years now and I usually spend most of my mornings here, sipping coffee while mulling over life’s events or writing.

I have met quite a few interesting people who are also regulars at Mickey-D’s — businessmen mostly — for the life of me, I don’t know why I’m a magnet for older men. :mrgreen:

Anyhow, people I have met here have spent many mornings with me talking about life and I have learned quite a few things from them [them being older than me, they have been around a lot!].

Since I’ve taken a self-imposed hiatus, people have been asking around why I haven’t gone to Mickey-D’s for quite awhile now.  McDonald’s crew, managers, and regulars have been asking why they haven’t seen my captivating [ 😀 ] presence here and much as I’d like to go back, I am still getting rid of some pox marks that are too stubborn to go away! 🙄

I don’t wanna show my face there until I’m flawless again, hehehe.  Vanity does beget the best of me sometimes. 😆

A couple more weeks and I’ll get back to my usual routine of morning coffee and papers at Mickey-D’s while I mull over life. 😉

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