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Snake Dream Interpretation — Coincidence?

So okay, I have been dreaming about snakes since last year and they have appeared once again of late. They are usually inside the bathroom and I spot them once I step inside to take a shower.

Of course there are various interpretations for our dreams and much of these rely heavily on our present circumstances.  This afternoon, during my catnap, I once again had a dream where a snake was present.  I was in the bathroom, again about to take a shower, and the snake was a few meters off outside the bathroom.

Curious, I researched once again on the general meaning of snakes in dreams and this is the first time that I have encountered this interpretation:

Snakes in their most common usage in dreams, assuming you do not work with them in reality, represent a threat of cancer. This is because snakes eat living organisms, camouflaging or hiding themselves and striking unawares. A single dream or a few in a row are nothing to worry about. If, however, you consistently dream of snakes go to your doctor for a check-up. Where the snakes are located and other symbols in the dream give clues about where the cancer will manifest if left to its own devices. For example, the kitchen represents the digestive system; the fridge or cooker indicates the stomach; the bathroom or waste pipe indicates the colon or bowel; a frying pan indicates the pancreas; vacuum cleaner, air ducts, ventilation system or a coffee table indicates the lungs.

For those who have been bugging me to continue with my check-ups… yes, I will go already, okay? 😦

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