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Edu Manzano for VP?

So Edu Manzano is running for the position of the country’s second-highest in-command, eh?  Let’s see what qualifications he has to have him deemed as a noteworthy opponent of the other vice-presidentiables…

1. Good actor. √

2. Good host. √

3. Funny sometimes. √

4. Witty. √

5. Knows how to entertain. √

6. Crowd pleaser. √

7. Can sing and dance. √

Hmmm…good actor?  Yes, he can run for government office.  Most politicians in this country are GREAT actors.  Shedding tears at will in front of a crowd; knows how to tickle the fancy of the masses; knows when to empathize, sympathize and be apathetic.

Good host:  sometimes funny, sometimes witty but  most of all knows how to entertain.  Triple check.  In the past, politicians who are the most entertaining of all; covering all movie genres, get elected.  Unfortunately, they make us laugh with their asinine antics; they make us cry with their personal agendas under the guise of political reforms; and worst of all, they make us feel we’ve been had after we’ve seen their movies…paying dearly for something that looked promising in previews but on the whole was worse than a badly-laid out horror plot.

Crowd pleaser?  This deserves a double check.  What better way to “court” voters than to say what they want to hear, pretend do to what they want to see, and make them feel you are forming a symbiotic relationship with them:  you rub their backs, they rub yours.  Unfortunately again, the relationship turns into parasitical once they get elected…with the people being the unwitting hosts.

Can sing and dance?  Oohhh…how many times have we seen politicians perform their utmost best in dance and song numbers when they point fingers at whoddunits, sidestepping just in time to save their arses, and then singing like a canary when they’re put in hot water?

Methinks we are more well-informed now about the candidates and we know better than to elect every Tom, Dick and Harry that presents us with the most promising movie plot of all…The Exodus, Deliverance from Hell and Into the Promised Land.

So yeah, Edu Manzano can run for VP, and everyone else who thinks they have what it takes to be second-in-command.  The question is, who will we elect?

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