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Love Letters…

Love letters should not only be something that you write on special occasions or when you’ve had a misunderstanding with your significant other.  Love letters are a testament of your affection to your loved one and they are something that will pull at your heartstrings, whether you are the recipient of the letter or the writer, if written straight from the heart.

Spontaneous love letters are the best, in fact; because they spill out exactly what you are feeling at the exact moment when your loved one entered your mind.  If you miss him and you long to be with him; if you want to say how much you appreciate him; how much you feel lucky to have him in your life…and all those other gooey and mushy stuff love letters are made of…love letters can help you express your deep feelings more clearly if you are unable to speak out the words.

I love love letters.  They make me feel connected to my beloved even if we are miles apart or if we are not together at a given moment.  So yeah, I’m a sucker for love letters; and I will keep writing them for as long as I can…only senility can stop me from doing so!  Hahaha!

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  1. August 7, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    I feel the same way

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