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Sometimes Silence Isn’t Always Golden

I almost had a falling out with someone all because we got our wires crossed.  Well actually, he got his lines crossed, I didn’t.  Hehehe 😀

After several days of not talking, I found a valid reason to send him a message.  It was perfunctory at first, ending with me informing him that I was down with chicken pox.  He replied late and in a rather perfunctory manner, too with nary a ‘How are you?’ or a ‘Get well soon.’

So my opening for a conversation was shot down.  I let it slide, telling myself that he’s got a lot on his plate right now.

Since my birthday was coming up, I thought now he has a good excuse to talk to me if he wanted to.  After all, I couldn’t shoot him down; not when he’s wishing me a happy birthday, right?  But my birthday came and went and I didn’t hear from him.  That really stung. 😦

With his silence, I kept silent, too.  And the growing silence between us just made the gap that was starting to separate us grow wider and wider.  In his silence, he was thinking all sorts of things and coming up with his own conclusions based on what he thought transpired between us during our last conversation.

I, on the other hand, was also drawing up my own conclusions; although mine were based on his silent behavior.

Days went by with neither of us budging in and as I was nursing a bruised ego, not to mention a broken heart; I was also starting to hate him for the way he’s been treating me.  I knew I didn’t deserve to be treated in such a shabby manner.

The other night from out of the blue, he sent me a message.  It was cryptic for me as I didn’t understand why he sounded cold, distant and defensive.  I of course replied in quite the same manner.

After a series of messages thrown back and forth; ranging from those based on confusion and defense [on his part] and anger [on my part, hehehe], it turns out that we were coming from two different directions!

To cut this looong narrative short, he did admit he got his wires crossed that’s why he’s been acting so strangely.  No, I didn’t confuse him with my girly antics and cryptograms [I’m pretty straightforward as I hate mind games].  He got confused all on his own, hehehe.

If he had only openly talked to me from the very beginning, he would’ve saved himself from agonizing over the what if’s and maybe’s.  And if I had only asked him what was wrong instead of acting out in anger, I would’ve saved myself from getting hurt and feeling rejected. 😦

Anyhow, we still have a bit of talking to do but at least now the communication lines are open once again and that’s what’s important.  We have at least cleared the air.

So there, silence isn’t always the best thing in some situations.  It can breed a lot of things, none of which are golden thoughts!

Another lesson learned…

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