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Words of Wisdom from a 9-Year-Old

So last night, I was really feeling sick and sore all over and while I was lying in bed, I nonchalantly muttered to no one in particular that perhaps I should get a haircut — that might make me feel better, I said. 😀

Of course, there is no truth to this as I have never heard of anyone getting sick because of their hair…except perhaps Samson although he didn’t get sick, he just got weaker when Delilah cut-off his long mane. 😀

Anyhow, my ever-so-wise daughter heard me and said, without batting an eyelash mind you, that what will make me better is to go to my check-ups so the doctors can help me… 😀

I was dumbfounded naturally, and so I just laughed it off and told her that I will go to my check-ups just as soon as…

And then we saw a snippet of a tv show where a teen-age son was talking back to his mom and really acting-up because he saw his very SINGLE mom dating someone… and I told my daughter that if she ever does that to me, I will ship her off to a far-off land…

She then had her words of wisdom in retort again… she said of course she will understand if I ever do want to date again…and she said, “Mom, don’t be so negative!”  Hahahaha!!!! 😀

Sigh…my daughter seems to know a lot more about things than I do…perhaps I should consult her more, tender her age may be…she is wise beyond her years. 😉

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