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Let Go or Hold On?

“In a deteriorating love affair, you may feel deeply torn between the choice of holding on or letting go.  If you remain indecisive, the internal conflict can depress you and even make you ill.  You should make a quick determination whether to hold on by fighting or let go by retreating.

Holding on unsuccessfully is like clenching your fist tighter and tighter until your knuckles turn white.  Letting go is like opening your fist.  It feels better, but your hand is empty.”

…quoted from Paul B. Lowney

Here’s my take on this:  Letting go may seem painful but holding on to something that no longer respects your person and respects the love that you have given is so much more painful.  There are times in our lives when we have to let go and empty our hand to allow us to receive something more beautiful, more meaningful, more fulfilling.  An empty hand will allow us to hold on to something new, something better and perhaps something worth holding on to.

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