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Coffee Conversations…

My friend surprised me over breakfast this morning.  He came over unannounced to McDonald’s [my usual breakfast destination for coffee and morning papers].  Over the holidays, we’ve ran into each other a couple of times in malls but always, he was off to somewhere and I the same so we never got the chance to really sit down and talk.

Today, he decided to drop by and see if I was in McDonald’s and good thing, I was.  After the usual warming-up idle chitchat, we finally got down to “serious” business — meaning, he hounded me endlessly about my lack of a love life!  Hahaha!!!! 😀

I told him that I have been praying for it — relentlessly if I say so myself — since last year and perhaps, this year I said, God will answer my prayers. 😉

He then proceeded to tell me that if the guy is someone I feel God has given me, then surely, he is the right one for me.  I of course agreed and said that maybe this year will be THE year, hehehe. 😀

We spent a good part of the morning just talking about life, love and relationships and before we knew it, it was almost time for lunch!

Anyway, he reminded me that my birthday is coming soon and that I should have someone special to spend it with now that I’m turning 30 [ahem, cough-cough — something got stuck in my throat] — thirty-something, alright? 😀

Our conversation got me thinking about past relationships and how I have hurdled through the difficult phase of truly finding out what it is that I want in a relationship and what it is that I can offer in a relationship.

So, if you’re listening God; I’m ready!  Soooo ready, hehehe. 😉

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