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Happy Reunions

The Christmas season is the only time of the year that families and friends make time to hook-up with each other, catch-up on latest events in each other’s lives and simply enjoy the company that we have missed for the most part of the year.

New Year’s Eve is the time for our annual family get-together on my mom’s side of the family; and in each reunion, there is genuine happiness over seeing one another again; hugs and kisses abound and story-telling around the dinner table takes hours and hours.

As years go by, our families grow; children are born to new parents; cousins who were once romping on the grass in the gardens are now running after their own kids; who are themselves doing exactly what their parents did decades ago.

Grown-ups at the grown-up table exchange anecdotes; talk shop, and even give unsolicited [but welcome nonetheless] advice to motivate each one to keep pursuing dreams no matter how old we have become; to keep living life to the fullest no matter how many times we have seen heartbreaks and experienced heartaches over rejections, failures and disappointments.

Each family reunion is a happy occasion because it reminds us that family matters above all else; that friends may leave; partners may walk out on us; but families will remain with us until our last days on earth.

We tell secrets, keep secrets and even make new secrets that only strengthen the family bond.

Ahhh…running short of time right now as the whole roasted pig and the generous spread on our table are waiting for me to celebrate New Year’s lunch with my family. 🙂

*I did find out one juicy secret last night from one family member.  Will share with you when I get the chance to write again. 😉

Happy New Year! 😀

p.s The burly guy in the middle is my surgeon-uncle who will be doing all medical procedures on me from now on. 🙂

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