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Post-Christmas Blues…

Ahhh…here it comes…that Christmas withdrawal syndrome.  For many months we have been preparing for it; putting up Christmas trees, hanging wreaths and mistletoe, decorating our homes to look like Tinseltown.  We buy gifts.  We make gifts.  Heck, we even recycle gifts — but gifts there were, and cards with mushy lines, too.

The breathless anticipation of what surprises await us beneath the tree come Christmas Eve; looking forward to get-togethers; sipping hot chocolate and snuggling warm by the fire — and simply breathing in the air that seems so different during the holidays — for many months we look forward to all these things.  And then in one quick swoop, it’s all over. 😦

What comes next is a deep feeling of melancholia.  Christmas hasn’t been over long and yet, you miss it already.  You want it all back — this soon, this instant.  Others will stay in their cocoon of melancholia indefinitely, wallowing in sadness, depression and nostalgia; while others will themselves to snap out of their post-Christmas blues because life must go on; reality beckons.

Perhaps this is why to most people, Christmas is both a happy and sad occasion.  There is happiness in anticipation and sadness in saying goodbye to the season.  Christmas also signals the end of the year, and this again can make a lot of us morose..melancholic…

Ahhh…here it comes…the post-Christmas blues…S-N-A-P out of it! 😦

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