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Human Rights…

Something in the papers caught my eye this morning.  The Commission on Human Rights condemned the mobbing of Andal Ampatuan, Jr., by journalists when he was brought to the Department of Justice the other day.

The journalists cussed and cursed at Ampatuan, Jr., who is accused of killing 57 innocent people, including 30 journalists.  They shoved photos of the victims at him.  The photos show the victims as they were found — bruised, bloodied, parts of them mutilated.  He didn’t just kill them in cold blood, he tortured them first; slowly, painfully even while the victims were begging for mercy and pleading for their lives.

For these reasons, the CHR said it understands the outrage seeping through the veins of everyone, particularly those who lost a loved one, friend, parent and colleague in the gruesome murders.

But outrage it said, should not be manifested through violence, by physically harming the accused.  It further said that the accused has his rights too, and that everyone should respect the rule of law.

First of all, Human Rights are for H-U-M-A-N-S.  Those people who know the difference between right and wrong; good and evil.  Those people who respect another’s right to live, to be free from fear and terror; those people who have consciences; they, who respect humanity.  These are the people who should fight for their Human Rights.

What Ampatuan, Jr. did was far from anything being humane.  There was not a shred of humanity in his actions when he did his crimes, past and present.  He played god and decided who should live and whose time it is to go.

I take that back.  He did not play god, he played the Devil.  He is the Devil reincarnate himself.  Why then should he be given his rights?  He was a savage in every possible way and he should be treated as such.  An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth you say?  Why not?  He deserves it — and so much more.

Can the CHR honestly say that Ampatuan should be given his rights, after all he is innocent until proven guilty, if one of the victims was a direct relative perhaps a loved one, or heaven forbid, a daughter or a mother to one of them?!

Ampatuan acted like a savage beast and he should therefore be treated like one — chained and thrown in the dungeons left to rot; his only salvation being death.

Throw him in the midst of all the people he has abused and all the people who lost their loved ones because of him.  Throw him in their midst, and before they are finished with him, he will be wishing that death was upon him.

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