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Where Have All Our Families Gone?

Christmas makes us think of people closest to us, those we hold dear in our hearts:  our families.  This is perhaps the only time in the year when we begin to appreciate them more — for loving us unconditionally, for tolerating our mood swings, annoying habits and selfishness; for being there for us and with us, come hell or high water.

This is also the time of the year when we miss them the most — those who have finished their journey and left this world for a place called Heaven; and those who left their homes to give a better future to their children.

We become more nostalgic, reminiscing days of our youth when our families were still together; when none has moved on to start their own lives and families; when parents stayed put to raise and nurture their children; when sharing a simple meal of ham, bread, cheese and hot chocolate were enough to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Today, families are apart for so many reasons, those which seem trivial and even unfair when we begin to ache for their company; when we begin to long for the smiles, laughter, hugs; when we begin to miss even the misunderstandings and arguments.

What kind of future awaits children who may have everything except the memories of being comforted by their mothers during their first heartaches borne out of puppy love?  What kind of future awaits parents who may have given everything to their children except their presence when their children needed a parent because they were sick or they were awarded in school for being an excellent student?

What future is there for families who have missed out on sharing meals together; each one busy making a living that they forgot to live?

What future can we give our children when the basic and most important aspect of living has taken a backseat — that of nurturing family bond and togetherness?

It’s a sad state of human affairs; one we are compelled to tolerate because we have to eke out a living to put food on the table, to put our children to good schools in the hopes that somehow, their future will be brighter for them than it was for us.

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