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Sick and Tired of Being Sick All the Time…

So here’s the thing, I’ve been having bouts of low-grade fever for several months now.  At first, my doctor and I thought that this was mainly due to my existing thyroid condition which is Grave’s Disease.  But after more than two years of going on medication to solve this problem, I was finally given clearance from the disease.

However, the fevers didn’t stop.  Two weeks after I got off medication, my doctor told me to come back and say whether I was still having these low-grade fever bouts.  Unfortunately, the fevers were persistent.

So after a round of tests:  chest x-ray; CBC, urinalysis and fecalysis; my doctor told me that the results were not indicative of anything other than I have mild anemia which is no cause for these fever bouts.

Referring me to a specialist, I went to have another check-up.  But this time, there other telling signs that I COULD be suffering from something else.  There’s this lump in my right armpit; about the size of two flattened marbles.  It’s not mobile, it’s hard and it doesn’t hurt.

What hurts though is the area directly beneath it; about a few centimeters underneath the lump all the way to my right breast.

I have been doing a LOT of research on this and it doesn’t really look good.  Anyhow, my other doctor checked the lump and thoroughly checked my entire chest area to see if there are other lumps – she didn’t feel any.

However, my right breast does hurt a lot and it’s not due to my period or anything.  It just really hurts.  Any slight movement of my right arm, the pain spreads.

When I asked my doctor what the lump could mean, she of course told me that it could mean a lot of things:  lymphoma, tumor, I forget the others.  I am now due for a series of tests:  ultrasound on whole abdomen; ultrasound on the armpit lump; liver check; lupus check; blood culture… ahhh so many others.

Been having sleepless nights because of this thing.  Scared shitless.  I don’t know if ignorance is bliss in this case.  Sometimes I’m too shocked to ever think straight; other times I’m just numb.

I’m really just so sick of being sick all the time…

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