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Running on Empty

If you’re used to driving your car to wherever you are going, chances are there have been times when you’re running on empty.It could be that you got stuck in traffic and your gas just dwindled down; or you simply overlooked that you’re almost empty and you left in a hurry off to a meeting.Whatever the reason, once you start seeing the red light go off, blinking that you’re out of gas and any minute you’d be stuck somewhere – stalled – unless you can beat the darn meter to it and arrive at your destination in the nick of time – you get this uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach – praying to high heavens to please just let your gas hold up until you reach your destination.

Isn’t this pretty much what life is at some point?You feel you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re practically running on empty.Sometimes we run in circles thinking that by doing the same things over and over again, we’re bound to reach a new place where everything will look better and brighter.

Sometimes, we take short cuts in the hopes that we will still get to our destination in the best way possible – with plenty of time to do other things because we took the easier road.

Other times, we take the longest roads because we want to enjoy the scenery; not noticing that we have gone way over where we were supposed to go and we’ve missed the important roads that would have led us to our destination; happy and in one piece.

When we lose our focus, when we fail to recognize the road signs that would have helped us reach the special place we were aiming for; and when we curse road blocks, detours and other glitches; sooner or later, we will surely run on empty.We will surely feel sick and tired of being sick and tired at some point in our lives.

We feel exhausted, we feel as if everything we do brings no fruitful results; that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t get there – wherever that is.It also doesn’t matter if the people around us are supportive; or that they do whatever it takes to make us happy – to fill up the void inside us.

The problem lies within and unless we recognize that we drive our own car and we determine where we are going; we will always feel as if we are running on empty.

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