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What Goes Around…

So here’s the deal, the car I was driving got hit by a truck at the rear end.The bumper was dented and the right taillight was broken.Good thing no one got hurt.

At about 10 this morning, someone from the water company went to our house to cut off our water supply!My mom apparently forgot to pay the bill.It was less than a thousand.So I had to go to the main office to pay the bill and the reconnection fee, which in itself was too much of a hassle already, but someone had to do it.So after picking up my daughter from her school, we went to the water company with my sister to pay the bill.On our way home, I decided to take a different route because I was thinking, the usual route was accident prone because there were just too many speeding vehicles, be it buses, trucks or sedans.

I was stopped under a flyover to wait for my turn to go when suddenly we felt a strong thug at the rear end of our car.When I looked back, I saw it was a truck.I was shaking when I called my dad to say what happened…not because I thought he would get mad at me (I knew I wasn’t at fault) but because the accident itself shook me up.To make a long story short, we had to go to the nearest police station to get an official report for the insurance company.Now, all this happened at about 12:30 in the afternoon and we finished our business at the station a little before 3!So we were all hungry, exhausted and a bit shaken up.My daughter was getting hungry already and she was starting to get cranky.

After all was done, on our way from the station, I got to thinking, this is a clear picture of how events in our lives are so intertwined that one minute detail leads to the bigger picture.I mean, if my mom hadn’t forgotten to pay the bill, we wouldn’t have had our water supply cut off and I wouldn’t have had to go to the main office and I wouldn’t have had to go out of the house and into that area in the first place.It couldn’t get any clearer than this.

I just wish that the events in our lives and where they lead to were as clear as this.Often times, we don’t see the results or consequences of our actions until after a long time.Or maybe, the results are there already, we just don’t see them.

This incident made me realize all the more that the smallest decisions we make, no matter how irrelevant we think they are, affect the entire cycle of our lives.Every single action creates a reaction that slowly determines what happens in the big picture.It’s a scary thought but at the same time liberating.It concretizes the power we have over our lives.It makes us more responsible and cautious over what we do.

Of course, we’ve always known this.We learned about it in school and we hear it often enough but we don’t really acknowledge it until something happens that would give us a jolt and we say to ourselves, “Ah, so this is what that means!”And so it is also true that we show our true colors in defeat and tragedy.And over time, we see how differently we react to certain situations.And then it becomes true again that we are never given a situation that we cannot handle…that whatever comes along, it is always at the right time because ten years ago, when I was still an arrogant, pompous young adult (where – nothing – is – my – fault – and – I am – always – misunderstood phase), I would’ve blown my top off and called that driver reckless and stupid and would have blamed him no end for wasting my precious time.But today, I could say I acted like a mature, responsible and compassionate person.I felt sorry for the driver and I did everything I could to let him feel less pressured and less worried.At the end of our stint at the police station, I smiled at him and thanked him.He may never know what I am thanking him for, but inside, I was thanking him for showing me that I have grown up and that I can be compassionate to a complete stranger.And silently, I was thanking that person whose car I bumped into accidentally some 7 years ago when I was still new to driving because he showed me compassion and understanding.What goes around really comes around.

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