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Same Shit, Different Year

I wrote this post back in 2004…come 2010, will these sentiments still ring true or worse?  Will there even be a 2010 election to speak of?

So here’s the deal, yesterday the entire country went to the polling sites to cast their votes. However, some weren’t able to vote because their names weren’t in the voting list of their respective precincts.It is sad to note that no matter how much we claim this is a free country, underhanded manipulation is still being practiced by those in power and those who wish to be in power.

And what’s even more alarming is that we are such a gullible people so much so that we get swept away by empty promises of politicians and we are so much of an escapist that we believe actors who play heroes in our favorite movies could drive away the bad guys and make everything alright.This is not to say that all actors running for a post in the government office are no good or that all politicians are not actors themselves –– playing make – believe roles to get the majority’s approval.

Our country is one big circus where monkeys get to be the star and all of us cheering on are the clowns.No wonder we are most of the time the laughing stock of our neighboring countries.And no wonder most of our countrymen are on a frenzy to get out of here.Who could blame them?Promises heard twenty years ago are still promises, only uttered differently.

There are of course those who sincerely want to help the country get back on its feet but their good deeds are swallowed by the blatant corruptness of the majority.In the end, we find ourselves in the same rat hole we were in twenty years ago only this time, there is the pretense that we are doing okay, that we are moving forward and that the future looks brighter for our children.

We are so good at pointing fingers, putting the blame on others and bearing that holier-than-thou attitude that we fail to see what we ourselves have been doing all these years…we let people take advantage of us, we turn a blind eye on the crimes committed against us, we coddle criminals, we mingle with the court jesters, but in the end, the joke’s on us.

We cannot always claim that being a forgiving people, we give others the chance to redeem themselves, to right the wrongs they have done and to promise once again that this time, things are gonna be different — that this time, criminals will be in jail, kidnappings will stop, terrorism will not be tolerated and drug pushers will be convicted.In the meantime, while we are giving these people their much – deserved second chance, our children are on the streets begging, our houses are made of cartons and wood scraps, we work for low – paying jobs, our women are being abused and unborn children are being aborted (because the parents cannot afford to raise another child).Oh yes, you may say we choose our own destiny, that we are not at fault if a woman chooses to abort her child because she couldn’t feed another mouth, that these things are being dictated by our morals.But can we honestly say that our morals are our priority when our children are hungry, or when the only employer who will take us in is a pimp?Then I ask you this, why then did we not let our morals dictate to us when the decision came to choose the rightful people to run our country? Why then did we not let our morals decide what would be good for our poor neighbors?At the end of it all, poverty and greed still run the country.

No more pointing fingers, we did it all to ourselves.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

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