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Heard It Through the Grapevine

I write for clients who want to place copies, articles, what-have-you’s in their website.  But they do not put my byline, they put their names instead.  To be more precise, I’m a ghostwriter.  I cannot tell anyone except those close to me.  So what I’ll do is to post my articles here so I can at least call them my own here in my blog.  If you do come across some of them in other sites, I did not plagiarize.  I just can’t call them my own….

Heard It Through the Grapevine

Don’t you just love office gossip?  I’m sure most of us have been fodder for wagging tongues at one time or the other, but still.  There’s something magnetic about intrigues.  It’s the quest to find the answer to a mystery that’s so appealing.  What better way to do it than to post a question and pass it around?  Chances are it’s going to land on someone who actually knows the answer or several who pretend they know the answer.  Plus, it’s a great way to find out the character of your co-workers, don’t you think?  In the end, you’ve got two groups of people in your office. No, not the bosses and you; it’s the idle gossipers and the vicious tall-talers.

Want to find out who’s dating the boss? Whisper it from ear to ear and you’re sure to find out sooner or later.  Just be careful though that your question does not reach the ears of your boss.  When that happens, you could very well be hearing “You’re fired.” whispered to your ear.  Now, you’re gossip.

Upside Down

But, as in anything, there are upsides and downsides.  Downsides are, you could be the next victim; you could lose credibility; you could lose your privacy; and you could even lose a few good friends.  Upside is, if you want to learn about office developments like organizational revamps, resignations, mergers, buy-outs and all the shenanigans thereabouts, you are sure to find out first through the grapevine.  This is a good way to plan your next move. Or, say you did a booboo that cost the company money or caused your bosses to lose face; and word gets to you that you are going to be fired. You could beat your bosses to the punch and resign before they fire you.  That is, if they were going to fire you in the first place.  If not, you just lost a good, stable job.  Gossips, after all, are not reliable sources of information.

Pass the Message

Have you ever played Pass the Message where a team leader will whisper a bit of information to the first person and the first person passes it on the second one and so on?  At the end of the line, the last person will shout what was passed on to him.  There’s a very big chance that by the time the information gets to the last person, it has been maimed and mangled and the information just got a whole different meaning.  For example: The blue car got towed; the blue car on the road; the blue cat got sewed; the blue can got mowed.  Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Office gossip is a favorite pastime of most people.  It’s something to do during lunches and bathroom breaks.  It’s crazy, intriguing, and mysterious. It’s also a good way to let someone know your sentiments.  Pass it around and for sure your word will reach your target eventually.  Just be careful. You know how words get twisted when you pass them along long enough.  Your “Job well done!” could end up as “God came down!”

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